Friday, 14 January 2011

My word, what a useless git I am:(

Whoopee, finally, done something right:)
Found my blog again, only a year later, why does anything Google account led not like me??!! Well, have probably knitted a ton since the last time, but cant remember what, hopefully I will come n here more often now, and finally find out how to post pics, dont hold your breath! here goes with a trial run........

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bad Me....................

for not posting for months, nay, even years! Well, I lost my blog in the ether, couldn't sign in or anything, found it again!! Not that I suppose anyone will read it, but........................... Signed up for Twitter this week, don't know what I make of it yet, just getting started! Was unwell for a couple of weeks before Christmas, flu bugs and everything going, just my luck, so the last bit before Christmas was a mad rush instead of not the mad rush I had flaming well intended! Have had my illnesses for 2010 now, don't go getting any ideas, you bugs, I'm not having it!!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Whats happened on the knitting front?

Not a fat lot of late! Have dallied around with various projects, but can't seem to get going on anything at the moment, although as of today the SANDS blanket is coming on a treat, it's so nice to be able to do a project that is quick, requires minimal brain power, but also gives help to those who need it, I'm giving something back to say 'thanks,' that when my daughter was born all was well, unlike so many people unfortunately. If this blanket brings any amount of comfort to someone, then it's a job well done in my eyes.
I'm making something up for myself as well, but it's still in it's infancy at the moment, and not necessarily going to reach maturity! I got some Elle Escapade in Jungle Trip, variegated greens that stripes up in about 3 greens, with a white patch with green flecks in it, and oh how soft is it?? It's so lovely to knit with! I only got 2 balls though, so may have to beg hubby to take me back to the town where I got it, I went with my friend, but she doesn't go shopping there very often:( Never mind, plenty of other yarn to play with, decided to have a mini sort through some of it that is laying around the living room, well it's quite a sight amassed I must say! And that is only the tip of the iceberg, the rest is loitering (out of sight!!) in storage boxes, though I think there may be a few more bags to go through yet!
Have also had a dalliance with a bit of sewing, in the form of a wee yellow sunflower, which has departed for a new home! Its lovely sewing with felt, because it's so quick! No hemming etc. so will get making up a few more little things and see where the mood takes me!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sad Day

Had the sad news that one of my favourite bass players/singers died last week, Kelly Groucutt from old ELO, and not so old ELO part2 and The Orchestra. I, and my family, have been lucky enough to see ELO in various incarnations live quite a few times now, the last time being 2008, as a treat for my birthday, the best part being that they were in Peterborough, so only up the road and not a long journey like all the other times! My condolences go to his family and friends, this will see the end of The Orchestra touring, maybe? Maybe they will go on, but it really won't be the same without their driving force, the life and soul of the party, R.I.P. mate! You will be missed.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Knitting, what else is there?!

I am shortly going to continue (again!) with the first of, hopefully, many blankets for premature babies, which will go to 2 local hospitals. I first cast on a blanket on Saturday night, but my sparkly Pony needles decided they didnt like the yarn, and one of them broke in half! Now, I wouldn't mind, but I had only done 5 rows, so it's not as if it was that heavy! I re-cast it on, using bamboo, but the particular yarn of my choice didnt want to move along the needle very well, so frogged it once more! Tonight, I have cast on yet again 109 stitches, on new metal 4mm needles! I have got another pair, but they have a UFO on them (as do quite alot of my needles!). 4mm will always come in handy, so now have 4 pairs, 2 long and 2 short! Which means if I get fed up with one of the many Ufos lurking, I can be really naughty and cast another on!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Knitting, for a change!

I've been casting on a fair bit lately! I have just finished a pram cover for my friends daughter who had a little boy nearly 2 weeks ago, and what a lovely visit I had too, such a gorgeous baby! I have around 3 large-ish projects on the go for me, correction, 5! I never seem to find the time (sometimes the inclination) to get to doing more on them, and then I had to look at Kemps Woolshop site! Bought some lovely Wendy Fusion and a pattern, for me again! On the other needles, there is a lovely baby set, consisting of bootees (finished), hat (half done) and jacket, left front and back done! I started with the jacket back and then did a bootee, the front, started the hat, finished the front and did the other bootee, just to break it up, now I must get a move on and get the rest done! Have already picked out a few patterns that I would like to do for Xmas presents! Then at least if I get stuck for a birthday pressie, I may have something already knitted and waiting! May, being the operative word! And I have started to knit some premature baby things for the hospital as well, my friend said after all the things I made for Christmas it was about time I made something for myself, I can do that anytime, and fit in the rest of the things I want to do around my stuff, hopefully it will get so warm I won't need any knitted things! Fat chance!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What did today bring?

Today brought me an alarm call at 6am! Yuk! Had to phone the hospital to see if a bed was available, and it was! Good or bad news? Good- meant the offending teeth would be removed.
Bad- anaesthetics and pain afterwards!
Got to the hospital by 7.30am, and got my daughter settled in, nice and sunny at least, if a bit cold! Took some knitting with me, but managed to stuff one item up, so went onto the easier stocking stitch project!
My girl went down to the theatre around a quarter to ten, so OH and myself went for a drink and something to eat, we didnt have anything earlier as our girl couldn't, so we joined in so she didn't feel awful seeing us eat and drink!
After about half an hour, she was in the recovery room, after having spat her cotton wads out on waking up! She didnt remember this, but thought it was funny! After some water and a bit of food, we were allowed to come home, so daughter is now lighter by 2 teeth!
Did a bit of knitting tonight, getting on with a pram cover that will be needed soon, baby being induced on Thursday, so better get on with it! Will be pleased when it is finished, although easy, the pattern calls for 48 little squares, getting soooooo fed up with them now!
Hopefully my girl will have a better day tomorrow, her throat is sore from the tube being down it, but all dental stuff is out if the way for now, yippee!!